Wholesale supply of coffee from the manufacturer Fresh Coffee

Fresh Coffee is the largest wholesale coffee supplier throughout Russia, as well as in the CIS countries. Own production and equipment allows us to roast the coffee immediately before sending the order, thus our wholesale customers receive freshly roasted coffee.

In addition, we have the lowest price in Moscow for the entire range!

With us for a long time successfully cooperate many wholesale suppliers of coffee from different parts of Russia and CIS countries - distribution companies, coffee shops, shops. However, wholesale sales have their "pitfalls". For example, it is not possible to place an order for a large consignment of goods and receive it the next day. This is due to the fact that the roasting of grains involves the observance of a certain technology, the violation of which inevitably leads to a decrease in the quality of the finished product.

Advantages of buying coffee wholesale in Fresh Coffee:
  • Opportunity to buy coffee wholesale at really low prices;
  • You can order a fresh roast product for a specific date;
  • There is an opportunity to form a wide assortment of loose coffee;
  • You get discounts when ordering a large batch of coffee;
  • Order coffee products from the domestic manufacturer, excluding the payment of customs duties;
  • Free delivery in Moscow and Moscow region (within 70 km from Moscow);
  • Training of the personnel of the companies-buyers to features of retail and wholesale.
  • We advise on the assortment of coffee, we provide free samples of our products.
Prices for coffee wholesale

The wholesale prices for different types of coffee depend, first of all, on the volume of purchases you are interested in, as well as on the weight of other terms of cooperation. We ship coffee small and large wholesale, carrying out individual roasting of lots of coffee from 20 kg to several tons, guaranteeing an individual approach to each partner. Do not forget that green coffee is an exchange commodity, the prices for it on the world market are constantly changing.

How to start cooperation with Fresh Coffee?
Call us on the phone
8 (800) 550-55-61
or use the feedback form.

If you want to order coffee in grains wholesale, you can always request the current price on our website.