"Italian roast"

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100% Arabica from Guatemala. Suitable for brewing in turk, frrench press, geyser coffee maker, and also in a coffee machine.

What is the secret of roasting coffee in Italian?

This kind of roasting gives the grains an amazing dark brown color, which gradually turns into deep black. At the same time, oil appears on their surface. Such grains are most often used for the preparation of espresso, which has an expressive bitter taste. The prepared drink has several names: Spanish, Neapolitan, dark French.

Classification of types of roasting coffee in Italian:

  • North Italian,
  • Central Italian,
  • South Italian.

Features of the North Italian roast

Grains acquire a red-brown or chocolate color, but oil does not protrude on their surface. This Italian coffee roast buy allows a drink that is characterized by a delicate taste, which persists during roasting. Usually there is bitterness in espresso, which can not be said for coffee cooked in this way roasting.

Features of Central Italian roast

This kind of processing of grains allows you to get a stronger drink. The grains themselves acquire a dark brown color, and a small amount of oil acts on their surface. However, the disadvantage of this method of processing raw materials is that the finest shades of coffee taste after cooking are lost. Ready-made drink is characterized by a more "fried" taste - the taste of other components is almost not felt. This is due to the fact that some of the oils appearing on the surface of the grains lose natural aromatic qualities when they come into contact with oxygen.

Features of South Italian roast

In this case, a dense oily film is present on the grains, their color is deep black. However, in view of the strong roasting, the taste of coffee is lost, because when contact with oxygen and under the influence of high temperatures, aromatic substances are destroyed.

Cooking method
In the grains
In the grains

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