Degrees of roasting

The prepared drink has several names: Spanish, Neapolitan, dark French.
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The drink turns out to be strong enough, with a changeable taste and a long aftertaste.
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Coffee, made from French roast beans, is distinguished by its high strength and bright aroma.
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    Shop "Fresh Coffee" offers to buy coffee according to the degree of roasting

    True connoisseurs of coffee can distinguish the drink not only by grade or additives, but also by the degree of roasting. Buy coffee in its raw form, and then bring to the desired level of readiness can and independently, however, if you do not have this experience, then there is no guarantee that the product will have the right taste.

    Fans distinguish three basic degrees of roasting:

    • Weak (American): this is a tender and slightly sour drink that perfectly matches with cream or milk;
    • Medium (Viennese): these grains have an oily surface, they differ in a more saturated color. This degree is excellent for daily use;
    • Strong, or higher (French, Italian and Mexican): the color of the grains varies from dark brown to black, and the taste of the drink becomes very strong and bitter. This coffee is recommended to be consumed only during the day because of the increased caffeine content.