Branded coffee beans mix

A sweetish nutty taste, a delicate aroma, a slight tinge of spice in the aftertaste.
396 r.
Unforgettable bright taste and magnificent aroma! Characteristic are chocolate-fruit notes and low acidity.
440 r.
It has a bitter-tart taste with a juicy wine taste. The aftertaste is saturated, the aroma is strongly pronounced.
396 r.
A rich taste and aroma with berry notes, a little sourness and a touch of dark chocolate.
380 r.
It has rich taste qualities with a slight pleasant sourness and a wine aftertaste.
330 r.
Taste with berry tints and notes of dark chocolate, a delicate, balanced aroma.
330 r.

    Branded coffee blends in beans

    Invigorating branded coffee beans mixes are a delightful symphony of taste, created thanks to a harmonious combination of monosorts of high-quality Arabica, collected in different climatic regions.

    Grain coffee of branded mixtures combines several varieties, natural production and excellent quality of processing selected grains allows you to get the necessary consistency of the drink, an unrivaled bouquet of aromas, an amazing taste, a subtle delicate aftertaste. Magnificent coffee mixtures in the grains from the company Fresh Coffee will give you an unmatched morning, easy awakening, a charge of energy and inspiration for a fruitful day.