Coffee has a spicy aroma with hints of spices and black bread in taste, sour orange and a pleasant aftertaste of pepper.
1 034 r.
Almost no sourness, the taste is supplemented by a long aftertaste with notes of chocolate and a pronounced flavor.
473 r.
Has a combination of elegant bitterness with a light, almost imperceptible sourness, a sweet taste with nutty and chocolate notes.
407 r.
Selective high-quality Arabica with a fascinating soft aroma and notes of natural chocolate and almonds.
352 r.
Coffee has a stunning aroma and deep taste with floral notes and shades of bitter chocolate in the aftertaste.
1 020 r.
The taste is characterized as light and light, with a balanced bitterness and sourness, intense salinity and sweetness.
1 408 r.
Experts consider "Monsund Malabar" coffee with a unique taste, giving a rich, strong, medium-saturated infusion with light acidity.
490 r.

    Exotic Coffee

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    In our store, we sell coffee, which is fried in the light of the characteristics of the variety (an individual roasting profile is used). This guarantees a high quality of the finished product, excellent taste characteristics and a charming aroma of the ready-made drink. After all, these qualities are maximally revealed only immediately after roasting. In the range of our store, decaffeinated coffee, for cooking in turk, kemex, coffee machine, French press, as well as Vietnamese, Italian and Colombian coffee are the most popular varieties of Arabica and Robusta for every taste.

    Also you will find coffee varieties such as Yellow Bourbon (Brazil), Kenya AA, Nicaragua Hinotega, Bolivia Extra, Vietnam Tai Nguyen, decaffeinated espresso - more than 100 varieties of products. As a direct supplier of grain coffee, the price for the entire proposed line in our store is the lowest. Call and choose coffee, which you will like for you.